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We are Helping SMART People across the world. This can not be done by a Single Soul Like Me. So let us build the Community together to grow together. For this please Refer A Friend or two from your circles. What is there in it for you? First There is so much in it for you, both tangible and intangible. First Tangible, you will have The Best Community, in which you can grow faster. As well an intese satisfaction of contribution for the grow th of community. The intangible, right now only, is that you are going to get benefitted, when we start giving opportunities and gifts. You will have a higher chance of getting more and more and you will be closer to our Heart for ever. But, remember, we don’t want Tom Dick and Harry, some random, aimless, no quality or low quality driedup souls, without any direction or goals and who are lazy in life and who doesn’t deserve any better things in life. Are we Sounding Harsh? Yes, you are right, we are very harsh on that kind of people in our community. They only bring down the community.

So Whom Do We Want? Age may not be a big deal but the ideal range is 25 to 55. Male, Female or Any Gender. Where they stay doesn’t matter, Which Language they speak doesn’t matter. Basic English knowledge is a Must right now, slowly we may remove this. We are communicating mainly in English. A desire to grow in life. Dreamers. Team Players, no selfish souls are welcome here. Hard workers. Own a Laptop and Smart Phone, minimum configuration and a Good Streaming Internet.

We don’t compromise in any of the above. If you bring some one like the unwanted, your level will fall and you will be removed ultimately. Hope you can understand in right perspective.

So, if you find any such people. Please fill in the form, seperate section coming very soon.