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An internet gripe site is a website where people can express their contempt for a particular person, organization, or pop group. Some consumers or former employees create and maintain these sites to criticize a company or a business. 

Companies have sued gripe site owners alleging defamation, trademark infringement, trademark dilution, libel, and copyright infringement. However, gripe sites tend to be protected as free speech. 

Internet gripe sites are becoming a weapon of choice for disgruntled employees and displeased customers. 

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Though we are absolutely, unbiased and not into politics neither the supporters nor against Donald Trump.. Just for an example of a Gripe Site:

But Here, Our Gripe site is not in the traditional way: This site is for venting out your simple, non legal, non serious, yet powerful and meaningful and funny, issues, that could change others lives. Submit in the form below: All Rights reserved and we are not interested in any controversies of any nature and any scale. Not even an iota of controversy. We are here to help and better peoples lives.