As we told in the first FAQ, our soul purpose is to help SMART people across the world with Digital Skills. We teach over a period, everything that is required for SMART people to Make Money Online. To mention a few of the topics, all the subjects, we touch are Internet and Online based. To start with WebDesign, we teach wordpress, Divi Builder, Basic HTML, CSS and JS. Just sufficient to design and maintain a simple marketable website for a Small Business Owner or An Individual to Make Money Online. Ofcourse, over a period we teach advance topics also. Graphic Design with FREE Canva account. SEO, Content Marketing, ChatGPT for content creation, Social Media, basics of around 10 Social Networks, including Youtube, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., Simple Marketing Tools, like FeedBack, Polls, Surveys, Quizzes etc., and many more you can find as you grow with us.