As we want to help hardworking, honest, loyal and brainy people. We cannot compromise in this at any cost. One need to be one of the SMART people as mentioned, for time being. If you are not one of them, still you may find something useful for you too. But our focus is for Struggling and Deserving SMART people from all over the world.

One need to have Basic English Skills of reading, writing and understanding. Preferably Indian Graudate Level of education, Owning a Basic working Laptop, Good Internet Connection without any buffering of Youtube videos, A good working Smart Phone. Free time of minium 4 to 6 hours per day or 20 hours weekly.

Behavious wise, one need to be honest, loyal, team player, hard working. Preferably a Dreamer with good focus and goals. One need to be optimist and positive thinking person. We don’t like skeptical people and negative minds. One need to have open mind for new things and with absolute tolerance of fellow human beings.

Does it look, like we are asking for too much? You are right, we don’t need masses and millions of people. We need quality people, with a vision and worth.