The QRallPapers.Com is our other website. As the name Suggests, QRall Papers are the QR Wall Papers. You have Wall Papers all around in your life. You have Wall Papers on your Mobile, iPad, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop, Watch and Smart TV and any other Digital Screens. But you cannot click them or link them to any part of the Internet. But, a Wall Paper with a QR code or more, will give life to them. One can simply scan and reach out the part of Internet it is linked. Just imagine, all our Community, use Same QRallPapers on their devices and physical places, like Wall Papers on your home walls etc., How great it will be as we are all connected across the world and across all devices and physical wall papers. That is the power of QRallPapers. Don’t forget about the backgrounds of Chrome and other browsers, which we use daily inside out. We design, breath taking QRallPapers, with QRcodes, included, which will help you in variety of ways.